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Residential Excavation and Demolition

Excavation Services:
Rough & Finish Grading
Driveway Grading & Repair
Septic System Repair
Footing & Foundation Excavation
Land Clearing 

Stuart Contractors, LLC offers an unlimited amount of Excavation Services. Although many of our services require excavation, we also offer our clients hourly machine with operator rates for some of those odd jobs that just don't fall under a certain service.  Whatever the task, let us assist you in completing your project  both neatly and efficiently. 


Landscaping Thumb

Landscaping Services:
Tree and Plant Material Installations
Planting Bed Installations
Landscape Boulder Walls
Landscape Boulder Placement

Stuart Contractors, LLC is fully equipped to handle any Landscaping Project that may come our way.  Our Excavation Equipment along with our Fleet of Trucks makes our Landscaping Projects move along flawlessly.  In addition, we maintain great working relationships with local nurseries that ensure that our Plant Materials will not only be guaranteed, but will maintain a high standard of quality.  We offer both Design Services as well as on-site design/build.



Stone Walk Ways

Hardscaping Services:
Retaining Walls
Garden Walls
Architectural Stone Veneering
Natural Stone Veneering
Pillars and Columns
Natural Stone Patios & Walkways
Paver Patios & Walkways
Natural Stone and Paver Pool Decks
Natural Stone and Paver Sealing 

Stuart Contractors, LLC is ICPI Certified and offers a wide variety of Hardscaping Services.  With our extensive excavation and site-development  background, we understand how detrimental sufficient excavation and proper sub-base installation can be to a Hardscaping Project.  This is where we set ourselves apart from our competitors, as many contractors seem to shortchange this portion of the project because it can't be seen in those pretty final project photos.  Please check out our Photo Gallery to find some examples of the Hardscaping Services that we can offer you today.


Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor Living Spaces:
Fire Pits
Outdoor Kitchens
Outdoor Fireplaces
Outdoor Living Rooms

With our ever changing economy, many homeowners have decided to trade in their vacations for something they can enjoy more frequently at home, hence the evolution of the Staycation.  Stuart Contractors, LLC has the equipment, experience and knowledge to construct an Outdoor Living Space that will make you never want to leave the backyard. Please Visit our Photo Gallery today and let your imagination run wild!



Landscape Design

Stuart Contractors, LLC is a turn-key contractor that can take your project from Architectural Plans to a finished product ready for enjoyment. Unlike most specialized pool contractors, we can complete all elements of your project including a wide variety of Luxurious Concrete Pools and Spas.



Residential Exavation

Site Development Services/Packages:
Permitting Acquisition
Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Execution
Land and Site Clearing
Construction Entrance and Access Road Installations
Driveway Cutting, Sub-Base and Asphalt Installations
Foundation Excavation and Backfill
Site Drainage System Installations
Utility Line Excavation and Backfill
Septic System Installations
Rough and Final Grading
Stuart Contractors, LLC is a complete Residential Site Development Contractor offering packages to both Builders and Homeowners alike.  We can take your Home Site all the way from the Raw Land Phase up to the finishing touches of Lawn and Landscaping Installations.  Many times it is advantageous to the Builder and or Homeowner when a complete package can be offered by a single contractor.  Thus mainly because all elements of the project can be conducted in a simplified manner where the execution of one element catalyzes the success of the next.  Many times following the execution of one of our Site Development Packages, the Builder and or Homeowner will continue Services with our company to execute one of our Landscaping Packages. 



Lawn Seeding

Sod & Seeding Services:
Soil Stabilization
Soil Preparation and Conditioning
Harley Raking
Conventional Seeding
Established Sod Installation
Stuart Contractors, LLC offers a couple different approaches to establishing a beautiful lawn.  Although budget  usually drives the selected approach, many times there are variables and existing site conditions that determine which approach is most suitable. Nonetheless, we have the equipment, manpower and expertise to tackle any situation from conventional seeding to established sod installations. 



Underground Utilities

Drainage/ Erosion Services:
Swales & Bio-Swales
Diversion Ditches
Surface & Sub-Surface Drainage Systems
Drywell Installations
Catch Basin Installations
French Drain Installations
Dry Extended Detention Ponds
Wet Ponds
Retaining Wall Drainage Installations 

Much of our business begins with taking the proper Erosion Control Measures.  Many times this will be required by State Law and the Local Government Body issuing the respective Permit. Nonetheless,  even if Erosion Control Measures are not required, Stuart Contractors, LLC understands the importance of controlling any Erosion Control issues that may exist on-site and strives to go above and beyond to make sure these measures are enforced.



Residential Demolition

Demolition Services:
Demolition Permit Acquisition
Construction Safety Fencing Installation
Shed and Garage Demolition
Deck Demolition
Pool Demolition
Patio, Walkway and Driveway Demolition
Concrete and Block Foundation Demolition
Whole House Demolition 

Stuart Contractors, LLC is fully equipped to handle numerous Residential Demolition Projects. From Sheds and Garages to whole House Demolition, we can handle it.  Following Demolition, we possess all of the equipment and trucking necessary to remediate your site.



Drive ways and concrete

Deck Construction Services:
Existing Deck Demolition
Existing Deck Repair
Existing Deck Remodeling
Custom Deck Designing
Custom Deck Construction
Stuart Contractors, LLC maintains a strong line of skilled carpenters ready to remodel or build your new deck.  We can offer Engineering and Conceptual plans as well as a design/build approach.  There is no deck too big or too small, we tackle them all!  We offer a wide variety of Pressure Treated and Composite Decking Choices, the possibilities are endless.  Please Visit our Photo Gallery for some ideas.



Home Walkways

Fencing Services:
Pressure Treated Fencing
Vinyl Fencing
Ornamental Aluminum Fencing
Chain Link Fencing
Privacy Fencing
Half Privacy Fencing
Property Line Fencing
Pool Boundary Fencing
Dumpster Enclosures
Stuart Contractors, LLC also offers a wide variety of fencing options.  Once the fence composition and layout is determined, let us take it from there.  Like many of our services, the options may seem endless.  Please visit our Photo Gallery for some ideas that may fit what you are looking for.



Septic System Install Home

Property Preservation Services:
Lawn Cuts and Maintenance
Board Ups
Roof Tarps
Pool Secures
Trash Outs/Debris Removals
House and Structure Demolitions
Primarily on a Real-Estate Agent, Broker, Investor and Property Management Company Level.  Stuart Contractors, LLC offers a wide variety of Preservation Services in assisting the above referenced entities in maintaining the safety and well being of acquired assets.



Landscape Design

REO/Home Renovation Services:
Selective Demolition and Gutting
Drywall Installation/Repair
Interior and Exterior Painting
Framing/Carpentry Repairs
Plumbing & Electrical
Flooring & Carpet
Windows & Siding
Kitchens & Bathrooms
Basement Finishing

Stuart Contractors, LLC offers a plethora of REO and Home Renovations to Agents, Brokers, Investors and Home Owners alike.  No Job is too big or too small, call us today for a free estimate.



Residential Excavation Maryland

Landscape Lighting Services:
Low Voltage Landscape Lighting
High Voltage Exterior Lighting
Water Feature Lighting Outdoor
Living and Accent Lighting
We pride ourselves on being able to offer all of the finishing touches to your Landscape Project. Nothing Completes a perfectly executed project like Landscape Lighting. Enjoy your outdoor space with your guests well into the night. Don't let the party stop when the sun goes down!